Two lessons & How we reached 1000

In the past two months, I learned two lessons. And I and my team were able to reach about 1000 people with the gospel.

Here are the lessons I learned and how we were able to reach 1000.


Lesson no. 1

Whenever you face trials it is an opportunity to trust God more!

Lesson No 2

Whenever you face resistance, it is a sign you should push towards the same direction you are facing resistance.

Here is how I learned the lessons and reach 1000!

The devil hates any creative endeavors because all creativity comes from God and it reflects back God's glory. And when you mix creative arts with evangelism, you can imagine! 

I remember, when I and my friends organized our first multimedia gospel exhibition a year ago, I didn't have this understanding so I had been so much affected by all the resistance that came our way. But I had known it was from God so I push forward. I used to write down all the physical, technical, logistic and all sorts of resistance we had faced. Back then my only reason to push forward had been my certainty that the project was from God. We end up hosting the event in Addis, Hawassa, and Nazareth and we were able to share Jesus with about 800 people through the exhibits.

This is not the 1000 I am talking about. At the end of July 2016, we organized another gospel photography and short film exhibition on the theme of Identity.

A couple of months back my teammates suggested organizing our second gospel photography and short film exhibition on identity concept. I can't be more grateful for my team's dedication in making this event happen in such a short time. We were able to set the exhibition in one of the biggest malls in Addis, right beside Edna Mall. This is the area where most of the youth of Addis hang out. The biggest cinema, the games, the cafes are all in this area. We opened the exhibition on July 20, 2016. On the opening event, we had such a great turn out. In the 5 days of the exhibit, we had about 1000 visitors and 700 registered emails and phone numbers of people who wants to hear back from us. 

So here is where the lesson comes. It is interesting how one of the messages I shared with my team during our planning retreat was about resistance. And guess what the past months have even such a difficult season. Most of my time in the past couple of months was spent in the hospital, first, my uncle was admitted to the hospital, then my dad followed. The doctors later said my dad needs heart surgery. That was so hard to accept especially that I was also left only with a week to return to Thailand, and I prayed that God would turn around the reports.  Random resistance kept happening as well like, my camera stopped working all of the sudden, losing just the folder of our short film footages for the exhibition and so on. And since I knew this was all resistance, I just got to laugh at all these misfortunes and trust God. And God is faithful, the doctors later said my Dad didn’t need the surgery. Out exhibit was so successful!! And after such a couple of months, I just got back to Thailand

Please go to this link to see pictures and video updates from our exhibition. I will tell you the details of our exhibit in my next email.

You can also check out a short video of the exhibition here.

Thank you for your partnership, it is working!