I stood still at the back corner of the White Temple, bare foot as it is considered a holy place mesmerized by the number of Thai people walking in and out of the temple. A mother walking in with her son that could be two years old grabbed my attention. Then a man walked in with his daughter, who is around four. These people knelt for prayer before the murals of Buddha. The young ones mimic every action of their parents. The image of these young children mirroring their parents has been stuck in my mind since that very moment to this day.

Born and raised in a Buddhist nation, people live their lives oblivious, without ever having a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, without ever experiencing a God who loves them unconditionally, died for their sins on a cross, and always reaching out to them.

This experience happened when I was in Chiang Rai, Thailand in 2012 for a Short-term training on media missions. I have always been interested in sharing my faith creatively through media, thus this training had been an eye opening experience for me. However, during this time, I was overwhelmed by the huge harvest ready to reap, but only with very few workers. Consequently, in the past two years God has stressed in my heart to join these very few workers in the harvest field, and win souls for the kingdom.

Why Thailand?

While you are reading this newsletter, with your every heartbeat, there is one person dying in the world without hearing the gospel, imagine 50-70 people per minute! Asia holds 85% of the world’s unreached people grups.  Some estimate that half of Asia still has no awareness of who Jesus is or what he has done for the world. However only around 2.4% of all missionaries go to the unreached. In other words there is only one missionary for every 278,431 unreached people. The solution is clear; we must take the gospel to the unreached or commission others that are willing to go.

Although I love my country and I am involved in mission works in Ethiopia (Learn more:www.redeemedia.org ) I believe the need is the call and I would like to focus on doing missions in Asia for this season of my life. I have been a missionary in SE Asia since October 2014 under a mission organization called, Emerge Missions. I am based in Thailand, a Buddhist nation with only 1% of Christians. For visa reasons, I was back in Addis and working for the mission organization from home for the past 3-months. I am planning to go back to Thailand by the end of April for another 8 months. This newsletter is to give you a brief about my mission trip and invite you to partner with me either through prayer and/or financial support. For this mission work, I am planning to raise 800$ per month for housing, food, transportation and other needs.


My responsibilities as a missionary in Thailand and Communications Coordinator for Emerge Missions are;

•In charge of writing stories about the works of missionaries in SE Asia, aiming to inspire others to join world missions

•Assist in coordinating gospel multimedia events targeting young Buddhists in Asia

•Develop and execute an online marketing strategy for Emerge Missions aiming to;

•Recruit students from SE Asia to be trained in our short term media missions training program medialightasia.org (We believe Asians can best be reached by Asians, but they require the training to be able to creatively share their faith especially using the language of this generation, media)

•Increase website traffic through email subscriptions in order to develop partnership with mission organizations and increase volunteers and donors to the mission field.

•Teach English to children in Akha village, a tribe in northern Thailand, as a means to build relationship for sharing the gospel.

•Use daily encounters and all opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.