Sorry, I haven't been able to send you updates lately. So much has been happening here and I have now finally settled. I want to share with you something I am always reminded of living here in Thailand.

Did you know that there are about 1 million idols in Thailand?  Idols are the basic instrument the devil use to keep people in darkness. In Northern Thailand, where I am based, there are many temples, wats and places where Buddhists come together publicly.  At the spot where I often sit to work, every time I look up, I can see from afar the biggest statue of Buddha they are currently building. Sometimes I find my mind wondering about the statue, today they remove the metals by his face, he looks like he has a beard, people pray to it and it is just a statue they are building by their own bear hands… on and on my mind goes. Even my house has a spirit house like any other Thai house. (Spirit house is a shrine to the protective spirit of a place intended to provide a shelter for spirits). At the back of my house is a rice field. Every time I pass by these fields, I see men and women working hard. But these people believe their harvest is dependent on the rice goddess. So there are rituals to fulfill to please the goddess. The other most common thing here are motorcycles, I am intending to learn to drive soon. Did you know there are so many motorcycle accidents in Thailand? I used to wonder why most people don't wear helmets, having had so many accidents. I recently learned that they believe wearing a helmet could be giving out a negative impression to the spirits that protect them. So in other words they believe wearing helmets cause accidents.  I can go on and on. It is difficult to spend an hour here without these constant reminders of pervading spiritual darkness.

There is such a desperate need here for prayer warriors and mission workers. Though so much mission work has been done in Thailand, more than 99% of the population is still under the bondage of darkness. Thailand is known to be spiritual stronghold highly resistant for the gospel. The best way to reach the Thai is by building relationships with new friends and neighbors. Thus, there is a need for more mission minded people in this land.

I know, my time of mission work in Thailand is like a tiny drop in an ocean, for the harvest is big. This is why I like the fact that I am involved in mission communications work. Any media mission outlet I am working on will be online, which means there is no time or geographical limit to the people it reaches. Primarily, I develop stories that aim at encouraging others to be involved in world missions. (Some of the stories are published here: I am also involved now in recruiting students for our upcoming media missionaries training program that runs from Sep 28 –Nov 29, 2015 ( I am glad that somehow I am involved in pulling others to the mission work and equipping them to be media missionaries to reach the unreached.

It is crazy how the time goes so fast and it has already been 9 months since I have been involved in mission work in Thailand. I worked half of the time from home and the other half here in Thailand. I am planning to stay here till December 2015. I need your prayers that I will be able to extend my visa smoothly and get my work permit soon. I also need your prayers towards which direction I should take after December; I think you can tell where my heart is. I need your prayers!

Test First Name, I am so grateful that you partnered with me in this mission work. I am living here with constant reminders of spiritual darkness. I hope this letter can give you a mental picture of it. 

I would like to encourage you to be more involved to reach this unreached nation by being a prayer warrior, making donations and/ or even just by sharing this email with your contacts. 
I would love to hear from you, please keep in touch!