Last weekend we (me & my two colleagues) started teaching English to Akha children. The Akha are tribal people living in northern mountains of Thailand. We had about 40 students, which we divided into two groups. 

Among these students, we have a very bright girl, Apaw who is deaf. During the first day of our class, I noticed her eagerness to learn but frustration for not being able to keep up with the other students. I couldn’t ignore her need for special attention. With a blank open notebook and pen,Apaw gazed as the other students were taking notes. So the next day I decided to rather play an assistant role and focus my attention on her.

You might be wondering how we could communicate. Besides our language gap, Apaw is deaf. It worried me too the first time I decided to focus on her. I prayed, ‘Lord how on earth can I communicate with her let alone teach her.’ I don’t know sign language; Apaw speaks little English, and I speak ‘nitnoi pasathai’ (little Thai).
Later I learnt that Apaw is good at lip reading. I was so amazed to see how she catches up so quickly with the little attention I gave her. She is even smarter than some of the other students.
I first met Apaw 3 years back when I was a student at MediaLight. During the training, my classmates developed a documentary about Apaw as part of the school project. You can see ithere. I bet you will fall in love with Apaw, like me. Serving at the same organisation that runs the school gave me the opportunity to meet with the Akha kids again after almost three years.


Our next Media missionaries training school will run from Sep 28- Nov 29. We have already registered students from countries like Honduras, Jamaica, Cambodia, and USA. Please pray that we will get more students from SE Asian countries especially Thailand since it is our desire to equip young people to go back and share the gospel creatively to their unreached nations. 

Praise Report

This past week I also got my work permit and visa extension. The process that usually takes two days took me only 2 hours. I now extended my visa for one more month, then on September I will extend it again for two months, after that they will give me six-month extension, that is how it works here.

I will keep you updated how things are going here! thank you for partnering with me, it is working!

Watch Apaw's Documentary