Here is a brief update! But first I want to thank you for your partnership in my mission work in the past year and 3 months. The experience has changed me for good and I don't think I could ever be the same person I used to be.

I am now back in Addis for a while. I made it just on time for Ethiopian Christmas and my birthday, which is on same day. I hope you also had a great time celebrating Christmas and New Year!!

As I mentioned in my last email, I have decided to commit 2016 for mission work. God willing, the plan is to serve in the same areas I worked at with Emerge Missions half the time and to also work for another partner organization.
I am not yet sure how long I will be in Addis, because I am still waiting to hear back from the people I will be working with. I think my Mom's prayers are making me stay longer in Addis :)
Considering MediaLight, there are few different things for this year. One praise report is that MediaLight directors are finally able to purchase a land to build an institute in Chiang Rai, where we can train more media missionaries.  So far, we had been using rented buildings.
MediaLight directors and staff are planning to dedicate this year on building and production. There are plans to;

  • Produce new teaching series for our online media missionaries school
  • Produce gospel videos
  • Run an outreach, a short MediaLight course in China and Malaysia


Well, on the nutshell, these are the plans for 2016 besides the overall work of Emerge Missions. 
And while I am in Addis I also have some things I am planning to do here related to media missions. I will soon be sharing about that.
And for the financial side of it, God has always been faithful in providing for me wherever He leads me. So I am totally believing God for 2016. And I pray to play a part in these plans for 2016, to contribute in more areas and involve in a greater level in the media mission work in Asia.
As my prayer and financial partners, I am sharing here what is on the table for 2016, and I really need your prayers on how I should go about each details and for God's clear directions.

Thank you for your partnership! It is working!

(I know the names can be confusing sometimes, Emerge Missions is the parent organization for MediaLight. And I am the Communications and Marketing Director and I also assist in any area I can assist with. Learn more at &